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liz on favorite things
its my favorite place to be in the whole wide world.

EliseMarie on favorite things

EliseMarie on favorite things looks so peaceful

Anthony Thomason on L.
L is for Liz, huh. -Peace

AJ on project 6- calender
how did u get to where u took that picture?

AJ on shoe 5
that's really cool!

Miss Montgomery on 6
I love the POV!

Miss Montgomery on 4
The flowers seem to be a little too close to your camera, the sensor isn't focusing on them.

sarah on 6
i like the lighting and the brightness of the flower. Wish teh background was different and not cluttered

sarah on 3
i like that the leaves are infront of the focus of the picture. love the contrast of the colours

sarah on 1
love the focus on the flower and i love the fact that the flower is the only yellow thing in the picture

Mason on 6
I like how the flower looks huge, but i don't really like the trailer in the background.

Mason on 4
The flowers look really cool in this but, i don't like how they look blurred.

Mason on 1
This is a great nature picture. The bluriness is really cool.

Catherine:) on 9
I like the detail in this picture, but I wish it was up closer.

Catherine:) on 3
I like how this one is focused to the back, rather than to the front, like what I do.

Catherine:) on 2
Even though this is my favorite out of your pictures, it would be nice to see more of the butterfly.

Drew on 3
you seem to like taking blurry foreground shots, but it would be nice to occassionally have an uncluttered foreground.

Drew on 2
i like this, but i wish it was zoomed in on the butterfly

SarahJane on 9
The water droplets are really cool. Maybe you could have taken it from a different angle.

Drew on 1
like the focus on the flower, and the blurry foreground

SarahJane on 6
The flower looks as big as the cars thats cool stuff. All the trailers and cars kinda makes it look cluttered

SarahJane on 2
I like the butterfly, but i wish it was closer to the butterfly so you focus on that.

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